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A Woodworking Philosophy

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I live and work in Portland, Oregon, where I’ve set up my shop. I acquired much of the knowledge and skills I use in woodworking at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, an outstanding local Portland institution. I get all of my wood from local hardwood suppliers (see links below). I especially like Sustainable  Northwest Wood. They are a division of a local non-profit—Sustainable Northwest. Their mission, according to their website, is: “supporting small mills in rural communities, bolstering economic development while providing our region with local, sustainably harvested, affordable, and durable wood products.” Aside from being local and sustainable, they offer an unusual variety of quality material for woodworking professionals and hobbyists.

One example of an outstanding local hardwood that is unique to the Northwest is madrone. The madrone tree is native to the Pacific Northwest, and thrives in the wetter regions near the coast and in the Puget Sound. You may have noticed the distinctive smooth red bark of these trees in your travels around western Oregon and Washington. The wood is hard, similar to maple, and with really striking color variations; it can range from blonde to orange to red, and with occasional hints of yellow and green. It is a pleasure to work, and can help give your home a distinctly Northwest feel. You can see the king-size bed frame I made of solid madrone here.

Of course, I do not in any way restrict myself in the types of wood I use. I love working with cherry, walnut, and oak, to name a few, as well as more exotic varieties, such as sapele and purpleheart. Check out the gallery.

My approach to woodworking reflects my personal preference for simpler styles, such as Shaker, Mission, Stickley,  Pennsylvania Dutch and Arts and Crafts. I feel that it is the efficiency of function that these styles embody that makes them elegant. That said, I am open to exploring other styles that will better suit your  own tastes, and thus be a better fit in your home.

Contact me, and we will bring your woodworking ideas to life.


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