jd custom woodworking

Need a piece of custom woodworking? Know what you want, but can’t find it anywhere?
With your help I will create a piece that works with your style and sense of beauty.
Let’s design your piece!

jd custom woodworkingMaybe you have specific requirements for an item of woodworking:

  • It needs to have particular dimensions to fit in your home.
  • It has to reflect a certain style.
  • It must be of a certain color, or variety of wood.
  • It has to be something you like to look at.


I can make exactly what you’re looking for. My own approach to designing and building with wood makes function a primary consideration. I find that a piece of woodworking that nicely fulfills a needed function in an elegant and efficient way is almost always beautiful. That said, I recognize that satisfying someone’s sense of beauty is itself a function of any piece. This approach allows me to be open to styles I might not have a lot of experience with; I am always eager to learn how others have worked out how to fashion wood so as to serve any particular function, and to incorporate brilliant new techniques into my work.

Let me know what it is you want. Together we can come up with a design that fulfills all of its needed functions, and I will transform that design into an piece you will love, a piece that is uniquely yours.

I’ve made pieces of woodworking as diverse as tables, bookcases, house doors, and picture frames, all of solid hardwoods. I hope soon to have examples of outdoor cedar furniture; such as benches, picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. Built-ins and entertainment centers are also among upcoming projects. I will put pictures in the gallery here as soon as I complete those projects.

I look forward to working with you to create something that will not only fill that empty space in your home, but will become a beautiful part of it.